Get started with a single click

All you have to do is install the Zendesk Support app and start using it.

No need for expensive R&D, testing, data processing, vectorisation, managing embeddings or manual updates of your knowledge base.

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We went from zero to production in a couple of days!

Peter, Customer Support Director

Answers where you need them

Our solution comes with a dedicated Zendesk Support app that lives in the sidebar, so support agents can access it right next to the open ticket. Saving time and getting the information right when they need it.

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Love it! It just works

Hannah, Customer support specialist

See the power of self service

Let you customers solve problems on their own, reducing the amount of incoming tickets by up to 50%. Giving you more time to focus on what really counts.

You can embed on any website with a simple HTML snippet and further customise it to make it feel on brand.

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