Zendesk AI Pricing

Internal use

Zendesk Support AI Chatbot

€ 99

Dedicated AI chatbot for Zendesk Support. Give your Zendesk agents instant access to your whole Zendesk Support documentation.
Zendesk Support AI Chatbot
Simple integration
Ready to use under 24 hours
Daily knowledge updates
Online support
2 500 included messages
Additional message cost € 75 per 1 000
External use

Embed anywhere on your page

€ 299

Embeddable AI chatbot based on the articles from your Zendesk Guides module. Let your customers solve most of their problem on their own and limit the amount of incoming tickets.
Includes all lower tier features, plus:
Easy AI chatbot embedding
Custom CSS branding
Tone of voice customisation

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For our enterprise clients, we provide customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your businesses.
Multimodal data sources (text/video/audio)
Automated knowledge base optimisation
Advanced analytics and content recommendations
Priority support
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