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What is Zendesk AI?

Zendesk AI, integrated with Zenbots.ai, is a sophisticated artificial intelligence chatbot specifically crafted to enhance customer service interactions.

This powerful solution offers an array of features, including access to your whole knowledge base, reduced hallucinations, and native Zendesk AI app, designed to optimize your customer support operations and customer satisfaction.


AI Demo trained on your data

At the core of our Zendesk AI demo is the unique capability to train the AI on your specific data, ensuring a highly customized and relevant experience.

This personalised approach allows the AI to understand and adapt to the nuances of your business, your industry, and your customers' specific needs based on your exising support articles.


Impact of AI on customer support

The Zendesk AI demo showcases how the AI, powered by Zenbots.ai, can interpret and process your unique data, demonstrating its potential to enhance your customer support efficiency and effectiveness.

With training based on your data, you get a clear picture of how the Zendesk AI solution can transform your customer service operations into a more intelligent, responsive, and customer-centric system.


AI in Zendesk

Our Zendesk AI chatbot is easy to integrate. With just a few clicks, you can bring the power of Zendesk AI into your existing support system.

We're launching in Q2 2024, but you can sign up to get a free demo and be one of the first companies to experience the future of customer support.


Ready to update your support with AI?

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For more information, feel free to contact us at info@zenbots.ai.

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